To our Valued Clients,

As most of you are aware, Salt Water went through a change of ownership at the beginning of January 2020, and with this change it has left room for some confusion regarding gift cards that were purchased prior to 2020. We feel it has become necessary to explain that we did not assume the balances of any outstanding gift cards; specifically, the blue plastic cards and the white plastic cards.

To make the transition as smooth as possible last year, we did work with the previous owner to honour any gift cards brought in during the course of the year 2020. Now that we are into a new year, the agreement has subsequently ended and any gift cards purchased prior to 2020 are technically no longer valid; e-cards and the black plastic gift cards came into effect after the transition and therefore are still valid.

However, we acknowledge that our clients work hard for their dollar and that these cards were purchased with wellness in mind, so after much discussion we have come to a resolution which we hope will be found fair for everyone; going forward we will continue to honor the value on any outstanding gift cards but the values may be used for our Float and Sauna only and will not have any expiry dates.

Again, anyone who knows us we try to be as understanding and fair as possible. We truly value everyone’s support, especially during this past year which has not been an easy one to open a business in and could not have reopened without it!

Thank you and we look forward to serving and being a part of this amazing community for years to come!


Sarah, Ashley and Cassandra

Salt Water Wellness Centre Management