Ashley Tobin, Owner & RMT

Ashley is a Registered Massage Therapist with 2200 hours, graduating from the MH Vicars School of Massage Therapy program.

After high school, she started working in accounting right away. After the company she was working with shut down, she started working in insurance. For over 10 years she had been dedicated to her career as an Insurance Advisor.

Awhile ago, she decided that she needed to follow her dreams. Ever since she was a little girl she has always wanted to be involved in the well-being of others. Ashley has experienced the benefits of massage as treatment for herself for many years. Now working as a Massage Therapist, she gets the privilege of being able to help others accomplish their wellness goals.

When Ashley is not working you can find her spending quality time with family and friends. Some things she enjoys are reading, camping, playing with her pup Bailey and traveling.

Cassandra King, Owner & RMT

I completed my 2200hr massage therapy schooling at the Wellington College of Remedial Massage Therapy in Winnipeg in 2012. I moved to Calgary in 2013 where I have continued working in the spa industry. I love working with different people in helping them to relax while also relieving any aches or pains they may be experiencing. I perform hot stone, relaxation and deep tissue massages. I’m passionate about and certified in pre and post-natal massage as I love bringing comfort to those during a usually uncomfortable, body-changing time.

When I’m not massaging I love to read, travel and spend time with my wonderful family and friends.

Sarah d’Abadie, Owner & RMT

I graduated from the Massage Therapy program at Mount Royal College in 2005. I practiced for about a year before developing a strange sensitivity/reaction to mass produced lotions and oils, forcing me to take some time off, not being able to touch anything oil based. Once my skin healed itself, I started experimenting with different natural oils and butters, and have finally found a combination that is not only agreeable with my skin, but great for my clients, as all the products are certified organic and natural. I have a passion for essential oils, their healing properties, and incorporate them into my lotions and massage practice.

I enjoy helping people feel better, and have a knack for finding the “knots”. I believe massage is a step to healing and recovery, but at home care is just as important. I like to send my clients home with stretches and exercises.

When I’m not at work, you can find me camping and quadding with my husband and two kids, riding my horses, gardening or hiking in the mountains. An active lifestyle is what makes the engine run smoothly!

Carrieanne Finlay, B.A, R.Ac, TCMD

Carrieanne is a graduate of the Alberta College of Acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Medicine in Calgary, Alberta. She spent time in China studying at the Yunnan Provincial Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine, is trained in fertility, NADA Addiction therapy, and is a certified NAET Allergy Elimination practitioner.

Carrieanne is adept in all Eight Branches of Traditional Chinese Medicine: Acupuncture, Herbs, Qi Gong, I Ching, Meditation, Nutrition, Tui Na and is a certified Feng Shui Master.

Dr. David Manning, ND

Dr. David Manning is a graduate of the Canadian College of Naturopathic Medicine in Toronto, ON. This four-year Doctorate program includes the medical science courses and health sciences common to medical education, with the added benefit of learning botanical medicine, physical medicine, hydrotherapy, homeopathy, counselling, acupuncture and clinical nutrition as treatment options. He completed his undergraduate science prerequisites at the University of Guelph.

Previously, Dr David studied music and philosophy at the University of Western Ontario. After a brief career as a musician, he shifted into the world of business, running his own companies, then working for one of the top 100 companies in Canada. He then realized his calling into the world of alternative health care and went back to school to become a Naturopathic Doctor.

Dr. David currently lives and practices in Southern, Alberta, after moving from a successful clinic, based in Toronto, Ontario. He is a board licensed member of the College of Naturopathic Doctors of Alberta and the Canadian Association of Naturopathic Doctors.

Dr. David has also been a certified personal trainer and has been practising yoga for 15+ years and is a certified Ashtanga yoga teacher. His desire to combine the mind-body-spirit connection into his philosophy of health has created an overall philosophy to his Naturopathic practice.

Dr. David enjoys Naturopathic health care with families and welcomes all ages with diverse concerns and conditions. He focuses on primary care, counselling, or co-management with your standard health care physician.

Christie Fillion, RMT

Christie is an RMT with 2200 hours and is accepted through all major insurance providers. Health and wellness has been a lifelong pursuit for her, and that has transferred to her choice of career as well. With many years in the health industry as a personal trainer (graduated from Mount Royal University in 2007), massage therapy was a natural progression. She believes in a holistic approach to healing soft tissue concerns within the body and having an active lifestyle for preventative measures. Christie specializes in deep tissue and therapeutic massage – but also realizes that stress management and adding an element of relaxation is also important. Listening to client concerns and customizing each massage is always a priority.

Christina Logan, RMT

Christina is from the London Ontario area and has been living in Alberta since 2015. She is a registered massage therapist with 3000 hours of training from MaKami College. She has experience working in spas and clinic settings she received training in prenatal massage, lymphatic, cupping, orthopedic assessment, therapeutic exercise, deep tissue, relaxation and has been certified in hot stone massage.

Christina specializes in creating a treatment plan for each person based on what their problem area(s) are. You can expect your treatment to go beyond your massage session with Christina’s knowledge in therapeutic exercise she believes it’s important to make sure everyone is getting the best care for treating issues in the body.

Christina has a wide range skills that meet most people’s expectations. She especially enjoys prenatal massage, deep tissue and hot stone massage which she uses to achieve a greater level of relaxation for her clients and can also assist in deep tissue therapy by being able to penetrate sore muscles deeper. She looks forward to taking more courses in the future to bring even more modalities and skills to the table. In her spare time Christina enjoys hiking and camping with her family, she also goes on long distance back packing trips throughout the summer and really values time spent in nature. She also enjoys landscape/wildlife photography and drinking lots of tea!

Erin Adams, RMT

Erin is a graduate of Foothills College of Massage Therapy. After graduating in 1999, Erin has worked at Sport Clinics in Calgary and has had the pleasure of working on every kind of athlete from “Weekend Warriors” all the way to the elite olympians.
Whether you are an athlete in training or just trying to take care of yourself, Erin will customize a massage and treatment plan for you.

Erin was a competitive athlete right up until she was blessed with children. She was a barrel racer, competitive dancer, skier, runner and cyclist. In her free time you will find her out with her horses, on a bike trail in the mountains or cross country skiing with her family.

Erin has recently moved back to her hometown of Cochrane after living in BC for several years. She hopes to see you at the clinic to help you keep on top of those pesky aches and pains and exceed your fitness goals!

Kelly Hutchings, RMT

Kelly graduated with honours from the 2200 hour program at M.H Vicars School of Massage Therapy in 2016. Having lived in Banff for many years and working in hospitality, she believes that customer service is very important! She believes in taking the time to truly listen and provide a service that can best meet your needs, whether that is tackling a tricky condition or helping to relax with the depth of pressure that is perfect for you. Since graduating, she has taken additional courses in cupping and orthopaedic massage to further her skill set and provide more effective treatments.

In her spare time, Kelly enjoys family time and adventures with her husband and three children.

Lucie Bozdech, RMT

After teaching TEFL in Czech Republic for 9 years and travelling the world, Lucie embarked on yet another journey of helping people.This time it is through her hands with Remedial  Massage Therapy, providing a focused therapeutic and relaxing massage, enhanced with remedial exercise. 

 Lucie is a lifelong learner due to her unquenchable curiosity and is eager to expand her skill set through further education recently becoming certified in Rapid Neurofacial Release.

 Lucie enjoys the great outdoors, especially those with turquoise waters and hermit crabs and is truly enamoured with travel!

Mike Viani, Registered Kinesiologist/Osteopathic Manual Therapist Student)

Mike has a degree in kinesiology from the University of Calgary and is a registered kinesiologist. He has been working in the health and wellness industry for the past 12 years. Mike grew up in Calgary participating in elite level athletics which, like many in the kinesiology field, sparked an interest to pursue a career in health and wellness. His career started as a strength coach, learning about movement and strength training while working with talented athletes from many different sports. He learned a lot about strength and conditioning from some great mentors, and more importantly, learned how to coach.

After working with clients suffering from movement dysfunction and chronic pain, Mike made the decision to transition from athletic training to specialized fitness training. The joy of helping his clients achieve a greater quality of life has motivated him to continue his education and add more tools to his toolbox.

Mike is currently a 5th year Osteopathic Manual Therapy student at the Canadian School of Osteopathy in Vancouver. For him, the principles on which osteopathy was founded, as well as the school’s dedication towards anatomy and physiology mastery, provided him with tools that has allowed him to better help clients. Mike’s goal in every session is to establish a solid foundation, remove dysfunction and encourage progressive healthy movement and fitness.