Massage Therapy

(Choice of Therapeutic/Relaxation, Cupping, Pre-Natal, and Youth)

  • 30 Minutes – $65
  • 45 Minutes – $85
  • 60 Minutes – $100
  • 75 Minutes – $125
  • 90 Minutes – $145


  • Meet & Greet – Complimentary
  • Initial Consultation & Treatment $145 – 90 Minute Session
  • Acupuncture Treatment – $105 – 60 Minute Session which may include:
    • – Cupping Therapy
    • – Facial Acupuncture
    • – Reflexology
    • – Consultation for diet, metabolic disorder, sinusitis, immune disorder etc.
  • Youth Acupuncture Initial Consultation & Treatment (2-10 years old) 60 Minutes- $75
  • Youth Acupuncture Treatment (2-10 years old) 30 Minutes- $55

Infrared Sauna

We offer private sessions in our full spectrum infrared sauna, wonderful as a treatment on its own or paired with massage therapy for added health benefits! Choosing to sauna before a massage means you’ll arrive at the table more relaxed, your muscles will be warm and in prime condition for deeper stretching and tension relief. If you choose to follow your massage with heat therapy in the sauna, you’ll enjoy detoxifying benefits as your sweat and circulation whisks accumulated toxins out of your system.

Full Spectrum Infrared Sauna Benefits: Cell health, improved immune function, pain relief, skin purification, improved circulation, weight loss, detoxification, blood pressure reduction and relaxation.

  • 15 Minutes- $15
  • 30 Minutes- $25
  • 45 Minutes- $35
  • 60 Minutes- $45

Raindrop Therapy

Feel the deep relaxation with a Raindrop treatment! Using ten different essential oils, dropped like raindrops along the spine, paired in sequence with Vitaflex techniques to awaken, activate, and reset the entire nervous system. Raindrop benefits aside from deep relaxation include a boosted immune system, neurological relaxation via aromatherapy, encouraging the lymphatic and circulatory systems to expel toxins. A perfect treatment for changing seasons, or to just deeply relax!

  • 60 Minutes- $125


  • 60 Minutes- $100

Madero Therapy

Using anatomically designed wooden tools, Maderotherapy has many amazing benefits! Size reduction of the area being treated, reduced cellulite, healthy fascia, lymphatic boost, increased circulation, and detoxification to name a few! A gentle, relaxing technique to treat yourself or a loved one.

  • 45 Minutes- $100
  • 60 Minutes- $120
  • 75 Minutes- $140

Hot Stone Massage

  • 75 Minutes- $135
  • 90 Minutes- $155

All of our services are performed by Registered Practitioners. We also direct bill to most Insurance companies, depending on your plan. It is not available, however, for services using a gift card as payment but an insurance receipt will be issued for manual submission.