What is a full-spectrum Infrared Sauna?

When an infrared sauna is noted as being full-spectrum it means that there are 3 types of wavelengths of infrared; near, mid and far targeting different depths of the body. As opposed to dry/wet saunas, infrared saunas heat the objects/bodies in the sauna as opposed to the air meaning it’s not quite as stifling hot as some others may be when you first enter. The longer you are in, the warmer you will feel and more time for you to receive the many health benefits associated with infrared saunas. Our sauna sessions are great as a stand-alone service but especially beneficial when booked before and/or after a massage.

What are the health benefits of a full-spectrum infrared sauna?

Near Infrared Rays target the epidermis of the skin helping with psoriasis, eczema, wounds, skin rejuvenation and pain relief.

Mid Infrared Rays target deeper layers of the body aiding in circulation, stimulating blood flow and pain relief. It has been discovered that the benefits are similar to those of a passive cardio workout therefore helps in weight loss.

Far Infrared Rays will target the deepest layers out of the 3. With infrared heating it raises the core body temperature producing a deep, detoxifying sweat from a cellular level, eliminating the body of toxins. This type of infrared also help in weight loss, pain relief, blood pressure reduction, and relaxation.

During your session with us, you will receive all 3 rays. You may bring a book to read or you will also have the pleasure of watching your favorite Netflix show if you don’t want to sit and relax in silence. Our sauna sessions are always private unless you request to bring a friend or partner as our sauna can accommodate a maximum of 2 people (you will never be booked with someone you don’t know).

Time Limits/Cost?

  • 15 mins – $15
  • 30 mins – $25
  • 45 mins – $35
  • 60 mins – $45